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Who is the Greek God Priapus?

Priapus is one of the Greek gods that few people have heard of. However, a quick internet search reveals that he is generally shown with a very large penis, which perhaps explains why he isnít listed in some mythology books. Priapus was a fertility god who overall health and growth, but most people simply remember him as being the Greek god who is almost always shown with a large, erect penis.

Priapus in Myth

In Greek mythology, Priapus was one of the sons of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. His father was Dionysus. According to myth, Priapus boosted of his motherís beauty too often and made Hera, wife of Zeus, very upset. She cursed him and had him exiled from Mount Olympus. Priapus then had to live with human shepherds.

Priapus was also destined to always be impotent, foul, and ugly. He was very frustrated at this, and it was his hatred at being impotent that resulted in his large, permanent erection. This happened after he attempted to rape Lotis, a nymph. He was so frustrated after his failure that his penis jerked erect and would not soften. He also found himself unable to move because of this.

In ancient Greek society, Priapus was worshipped in two ways. He was seen as a god of agriculture and was often honored with offerings of flowers, fish, fruit, and vegetables. He was also seen as a god of lust and of sex. Today, he is more known for the latter role, and his other stories and myths are rarely remembered.

The Role of Priapus in Todayís Society

Priapus represents the male fascination with having a large erection or a large penis in general. He is also seen as one of the first characters to seek out some form of penis enlargement or enhancement, although he obviously did not get the results he wanted.

In this regard, Priapus could be seen as a warning against using dangerous enhancement methods such as those used by various tribes to enlarge their penises. He could also be used as a warning against taking dangerous penis enhancement pills.

Over the past 20 or so years, many new penis enlargement methods have been discovered, including exercises, traction devices, and surgery. Many of these are more natural and less dangerous than pills and other techniques.


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