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Penis Size Surveys

With virility and high performances being considered the most significant attributes of male sexuality, every man wants to know how well endowed he really is. Questions like “What is the average size?”, “Am I average sized?”, “Am I under average?” or “What can I do to become more endowed” are common among men, the only problem being the fact that there is no common answer to satisfy the curiosity, needs and expectations of each of them.

So far, researchers have managed to reunite the data collected from 11.531 men who were part of 12 different and significant studies regarding penis size. A fair analyze of all that data concluded that the average male organ measures 4.7-5.1 inches (12-13 cm) in girth and 5.5-6.2 inches (14-16 cm) in length. All these were considered independent of the race of those men.


Points of reference

The interest for studying these particular issues has been manifested at different moments in time, by different persons. One of them was the famous German anthropologist Johann Friedrich Blumenback, who back in 1795 was making the statement that “It is generally said that the penis of the Negro is very large”. Another one was the French writer Louis Jacolliet who, in the 19th century, spent more than three decades to study this aspect just to end up supporting Friedrich’s theory: “In no branch of the human race are the male organs more developed than in the African Negro”.

However, the Kinsey reports represent, by far, the most often cited and controversial study on penis size. Performed in 1948, it involved 3.500 men and it was probably its magnitude the one that impressed, the study itself presenting a few flaws difficult to ignore. The problems with Kinsey’s study were that:
-he mostly analyzed white men, which made it difficult to differentiate results in between men from different races
-the measurement technique was unprofessional, the men simply placing a white card above their penis and marked a line on the card, the lengths being measured only at the end of the study.

According to Wikipedia, some other important penis size studies are the followings:

  • 1996 – Journal of Urology –80 American men of different ethnicities and with an average age of 54 were induced an erection with drugs and then had their erect penis size measured. The conclusion was that neither the flaccid penis size nor the age of the patient did not predict accurately the length of the erect organ
  • 2000 – International Journal of Impotence Research – 50 Caucasian men, all Jewish, were measured in order to determine their average erect penis size, which was set at 5.3 inches (13.6 cm)
  • 2007 – BJU International reviewed 12 previous major surveys and generated the results considered even today as average: 4.7-5.1 inches (12-13 cm) in girth and 5.5-6.2 inches (14-16 cm) in length


The largest penis in the world

According to statistics, the largest penis was measured by Dr. David Reuben in 1969. His patient is said to have had a penis with a length of 14 inches when erect, only that the measurements were unofficial and, therefore, widely contested up until today.

Close behind Dr. David Reuben only that with a more reliable documentation, Dr. Robert Dickinson is said to have had a patient with a 13.5 inches in length and 6.25 inches in girth. Medically verified and confirmed, this man held the record up until the end of the twenty-first century when all the attention was focused on the 42 aged American, John Falcon.

John Falcon is now considered the man with the largest penis – 13.5 inches erect size.

The largest penis by race

After all, researchers could not help but analyzing size differences in between races and they end up by creating a worldwide map of the male endowment targeting the average sizes in each country. According to that map, the champions are the men in Congo, with 7.05 inches (17.93 cm), followed by those from Ecuador with 6.99 inches (17.77 cm) and the ones in Ghana 6.81 inches (17.31 cm).

Men from Chorea, with their 3.8 inches (9.66 cm) are among the less fortunate, while Europeans are proudly represented by Hungarians 6.5 inches (16.51 cm), French 6.3 inches (16.01) and Germans 5.7 inches (14.48 cm).

The smallest penis

The idea of having the smallest penis is, in fact, closely related to a medical condition that men with a penis smaller than 0.4 inches (1 cm) at full erection have. The condition is called “micropenis” and is normally improved through reconstructive surgery, in which case the penis may have up to 3 inches (7.6 cm).

Other relevant surveys

Women and men have a different perception regarding penis size as it follows.

Men seem to be endowed with:

  • 3.7 inches – 2.5% of all men
  • 3.8-4.5 inches – 13.5% of all men
  • 4.6-6.0 inches – 68% of all men
  • 6.1-6.8 inches – 13.5% of all men
  • Over 6.9 inches – 2.5% of all men

But 46% of the average sized men are unsatisfied about it, wanting to earn extra inches.

Women on the other hand claim that:

  • Their man has average size – 67% of all women
  • Their man has a large penis – 27% of all women
  • Their man has a small penis – 6% of all women

On an internet survey launched back in 2005, 63% of the men that participated on the study declared that their worries about having a small penis started to manifest during childhood, because of the comparisons that boys used to make about each other or the porn scenes they had access on.

With only 55% of men being truly satisfied about their penis size, women outnumber them: 85% are satisfied with how endowed their partners are. Furthermore, 71% of women consider that men overact with the importance they pay on this chapter.

Facts that make penis size surveys less relevant

Penis size cannot be predicted just by looking at it and no relevant connection was made in between the soles, palms or any other body part size and penis size. In fact, penises that are smaller when flaccid tend to grow a lot more during an erection than those that have a bigger flaccid length.

The attitude that most men have is rather determined by years and years of comparisons that they make beginning with adolescence and continuing through their entire life, having a lot less to do with the satisfaction that women have during intercourse. In fact, women often fantasize about a larger penis but find it very painful when having sex with an endowed man and they rather prefer extra girth than extra length.

Vaginas naturally change their shape so that to give a tight fit for anything going in there, which makes penis size less relevant because the penis will be caught tight during intercourse.

And probably the most concerning reveal, researchers discovered that men with large penises are less involved while having sex for the wrong premises that size is everything that matters. Well aware of their impressive anatomy, such men make little efforts to satisfy their partner in other ways.