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Alcohol And Male Performances – Drinking For A Better Sex Life

Alcohol is considered one of the oldest aphrodisiacs in the world. Whenever savored, it surprisingly makes men and women less shy, more relaxed and chatty, a bit romantics or more opened to sex talks and not only. Young men must have already discovered how one drink helps them overcome the unpleasant mild premature ejaculation they used to deal with because of all the excitement and nervousness that engaging into intercourse implies.

Unfortunately, the list of sexual benefits that derive from drinking is only that longer. Everything else enters in the category of drawbacks. Male intimate performances can be seriously affected by excessive alcohol consumption.

Overview on the process

The warm and fuzzy feeling that booze gives you is only the tip of the iceberg. After the first two glasses, which represent the recommended daily dosage for men, the basic body functions begin being poorly performed: you talk, walk and concentrate harder. You lose memory of the things you do and you become less focused on the things you say. Behaving worse than normally will under no circumstances help you have sex, unless you force the situation.

Worrying statistics indicate that in 90% of circumstances, the persons involved in sexual assaults consumed alcohol. For a funnier perspective, we should also state that drunk men tend to be aroused and manifest interest in women they would not normally choose when being sobers.

In a few words, all the organs inside your body, the brain in particular, are negatively influenced. In terms of sexuality however, the cardiovascular and nervous system are the most important ones as they directly determine the quality of your erections and the functionality of the reproductive system.

Peripheral arterial diseases, strokes, heart attacks, sleep disorders, essential tremor, severe depressions and dampen of all feelings, sexual arousal and libido included, are all triggered by drinking in excess.

Finding it difficult to walk straight when being under the influence of beverages, maintaining a straight and hard erection is even less likely. Temporary or long term erectile dysfunctions are common consequences. If we have initially mentioned the positive effect of a small drink on premature ejaculation, it is important to state that more than that will aggravate this problem.

What should you do?

You might have heard it before as well, but moderation is the key and it is defined, as already suggested, by a maximum of two glasses of average dimensions per day. The problem is that alcohol consumption easily gives addiction and while you take this road, it will be more and more difficult to stay away from it.

The support provided by your life partner is, consequently, as critical as the need for you to be convinced of how necessary is to cut back from drinking. If you think you cannot perform as well when sober, invest time in finding new aphrodisiacs. Any change you bring to your sexual routine can spice things and help you realize that there are sexual performances outside this stimulus as well.

As an alternative, try non alcoholic beverages and see the way they make you feel. Sometimes, fooling your brain is easier than it seems. And do not forget: drinking for a better sex life only helps when you drink plenty of water!

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