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Stop Being Ashamed Of Self Pleasuring – Benefits Of Masturbation

An overview of the studies focused on the act of masturbation and its implications in human behavior indicates that both sexes practice it regardless their age, with more or less similarities and that, up to this moment, there were not attributed any forms of either physical or mental disorders to those who enjoy it on various frequencies.

And an analyze of surveys conducted in this direction would show surprising results: 95% of men admit resorting to self pleasuring every now and then, with over 40% of them doing it daily. If the fact that anyone, from babies to adults and even some species of animals act on it is not a strong enough argument for you, here are some health benefits that may help you become more open minded about solo sex.

It helps with better knowing your body

You should be the one to best know your body’s sexual responsiveness on specific stimulus. Understanding what arouses you to the point of climax and how to induce this type of excitement will also allow you to give your partner clues on how to caress you when being intimate.

Moreover, when self masturbating, you can exclusively focus on your own reactions and learn to identify the point that triggers the climax. Through repeated experiences, you will learn when to stop masturbation for postponing ejaculation and test your resistance up to the point of experiencing multiple orgasms.

It improves your bed performances

Knowledge is power and therefore control. Knowing how to make yourself climaxing should help you, when necessary, to prevent your body from releasing all the sexual tension. In consequence, you can try masturbating when dealing with premature ejaculation.

Some clinical sexologists or sex therapists recommend their patients masturbate right before an important date that makes them anxious. In this way they will last longer during intercourse and more male stamina will increase the odds for the woman to orgasm as well.

As a hard to ignore benefit, it seems that it also prevents the loss of muscle tone and the penile curvature. Both regular sex and masturbation work the muscles that form the pelvic floor, preventing erectile dysfunctions.

It makes you feel better

You may not know the reasons why you feel so good after you ejaculate, but the fact is that specific neurochemicals are released, oxytocin and dopamine included. As a result, it will boost your satisfaction, release stress, improve self esteem and even relieve depressions.

It gives you a better overall health

This was probably the last benefit you were expecting, but researchers discovered an increase of cortisol levels in the blood following the ejaculation. And while in large amounts this hormone is known to make you feel stressed, the low dosages induced by self pleasuring help, in fact, with maintaining the immunity of the organism.

A major breakthrough in the field was achieved by some Australian researchers who established a connection in between ejaculating at least five times per week, meaning almost daily, and being less exposed to prostate cancer. An explanation would be that with every ejaculation you actually flush the urogenital tract, eliminating potential toxins built up.

While regardless whether you are alone or involved in a relationship you do not get to enjoy intercourse on a daily base, you can always take care of it on your own. And now you know why you should no longer feel ashamed about it.

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