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Difficulty With Climaxing – What Can You Do

Despite the fact that ejaculation and climaxing do not always concur, facilitating the contraction of the penis for making it penetrate deeper and increase the odds to fertilize the ovule is the main biological function of male orgasm. And with nearly a quarter from all men complaining about ejaculating too fast, few pay attention to those who experience the opposite condition: delayed climaxing.

To some men, the idea of enhancing sexual routines is, contrary to all expectations, related to making the intercourse last less and being able to orgasm during vaginal penetration. Statistics indicate it to be the third most concerning and common disorder, coming right after erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The interest that researchers manifest in this direction is motivated, on one hand, by the fact that its incidence cannot be neglected and, on the other hand, by the peculiar aspect that most sufferers have no problems at all when self pleasuring.

What causes your problems?

The quality of an orgasm being determined by both the functionality of the genitals and the way that the brain interprets the arousing signals, not reaching the sexual peak can be influenced by psychological and biological factors. Consequently, anxiety regarding intimate performances or unsolved relationship problems, a stressful life, the fear of unwanted pregnancies and even undisclosed homosexual orientations can all affect the process of ejaculating through intercourse.

In terms of physical conditions, the reproductive system can be impaired by taking specific medication, smoking or consuming alcohol in excess and, in extreme cases, by spinal injuries. The signals between the brain and the male organ are exchanged through the spine and even the slightest local strains can have visible effects in the quality of the intimate life.

Specialized literature is not necessarily very rich on this chapter and researchers still find it difficult to cure men who suffer from delayed ejaculation. Alleviating the symptoms is possible, but a complete cure can never be guaranteed. Therefore, it is important for you to ask professional advice as the odds for one to tackle the obstacle on his own are even lower.

Overcoming difficulty with orgasms

Contrary to expectations, psychological restrains are more difficult to treat than biological ones. And practice has proved that in the majority of situations in which a man was able to climax through other forms of stimulation other than intercourse, a mental distress was the root of the problem. For this reason counseling from a sex therapist is the first recommended approach.

Having a supportive life partner is also very important as this condition leads to sexual frustration and potentially worsens things. Couples often go together on such meetings in order to have a better view on how to improve intimacy and solve any potential problem of their relationship that can mentally block one of them.

Thorough medical exams must also be performed in order to eliminate the possibility of biological underlying conditions.

Depending on the diagnosis you receive, alternatives can be recommended, from herbal formulations designed to regulate hormonal imbalances to hypnosis or other stress reliefs. Dedicating more time to the foreplay and arousal without penetration may also lead to an improvement.

The conclusion would be that difficulty with climaxing can be interpreted in two different ways, both of which are very disturbing and capable to negatively influence not only the sex life but also the self confidence that a man needs in various aspects of his life.

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