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Enlargement Devices FAQs

While both male enhancement pills and exercises have been used by men all over the world throughout the history, in more or less progressive and controversial forms, we currently have modern alternatives to everything that served as a road opener to this industry. Enlargement devices are such an accessory generating an intense interest from all individuals looking for a both effective and easy strategy to become more sexually endowed.

Do you find the idea of using a specific mechanism to stretch your manhood and make it longer rather scary?


Below presented are some of the most common questions that other guys, sharing your concerns, have asked.

In order to offer you a better image of what enlargement devices really are, we have gathered information from several trustworthy resources like Wikipedia’s penis enlargement section, as well as a short interview with Richard Arrington, from ProExtender, who was kind enough to provide us insightful facts.


 Which is the functioning principle of a male enhancement device?

 Just like with workout routines, this device has the same purpose: to apply a constant and well balanced tension on the male organ. The premise is that our bodies have an impressive ability to adapt under stress conditions and putting pressure in a responsible manner will eventually provide the expected results. The extender is said to work similarly to lifting weights: as you force your male organ to adapt on more and more demanding conditions, it will adjust its shape and dimensions through a duplication process of the cells in the two corpora cavernosa.


 Which are the gains?

 According to all the studies and clinical trials conducted so far, gains vary from 0.5 to 1 centimeter a month when the product used individually. If you follow our advice and use complementary methods, you can enjoy even more impressive benefits.


 Is it dangerous?

 A penis extender device must come with a European Health Certification and preferably be classified as a medical device type 1. All these can only mean that as long as you follow the usage instructions from the extensive manual and use it correctly, there are absolutely no risks you are exposing to.


 What differentiates devices one from another?

 Penis stretching is intended to be painless and effortless; therefore various models of extender devices have been designed and manufactured. Since 25 years ago, when the first one was released on the market, everything else commercialized can now be classified as part of one of the two main types: Noose extenders and Strap extenders.

The functioning principles are the same for both of them, but ergonomic and safety features make the difference. The Noose extender is considered to be the classic, old version, less flexible and with a few potential usage risks. The Strap extender is an improved device, more versatile, easy to adjust on various workout stages and much safer.


 What’s with this sudden popularity?

 Penis extenders are not a novelty on the market, yet it is true that the past few years have brought considerable improvements in terms of setting the mechanism, making it more flexible and safer, easier to adjust and to maintain. Another reason why this product has only recently became so popular is related to the fact that people have more and more access to information and finally realized which the right method to use it for best results is.


 Why choose this one instead of exercises?

 The obvious is that each of them has the same functioning principle, the difference manifesting in terms of required efforts. An extender is more comfortable to use and requires no worries from your side on how to warm up, what routines to execute and in what way. As it applies the same pressure throughout the entire shaft, you will no longer need to handle the pressure variations. And what is even more important, you are free to do other chords at home while the device will do all the hard work for you.


 Is a penis extender alone enough?

 Such products are designed for long term usage and long term results. Therefore, you will notice improvements after weeks and months of regular usage, which is why you should feel free to double its effects by also using some exercises, with the condition for you to practice them by the book and with some male enhancement pills.

You might want to know that ProExtender System, one of the popular enlargement products currently on the market, is also the only one to sell you the device together with supplements made of 10 amino acids and herbal compounds. According to Richard Arrington, an authority in the ProExtender team, you will gain not just extra inches, but also harder erections, an improved libido and you will have your testosterone levels skyrocketed.


 Is there any support I can get?

Again, the more responsible your provider is, the more help you should receive: full time customer support services, written or on the phone consultancy, thorough details on how the extender works and how you should use it and many others. You must not settle for something that only sells you the product and leaves you clueless on how to take the most advantage out of it.


 Should I benefit from a guarantee with it?

 Yes, all respectable manufacturers must provide a money-back guarantee for a specific amount of money and for a particular time frame. ProExtender device for example comes with a 100% refund in the event that results are not satisfying after 6 months of usage. Other deals may offer lower reimbursements so look for what suits you best.

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