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Laughing On Hilarious Masturbation Myths

You must have been experiencing masturbation as a guilty pleasure beginning with puberty, when you became aware of your sexuality. You used to do it secretly, with magazines that were so hard to stash under the bed or by sneaking to your father’s not so well hidden collection of porn materials. And you were ashamed of admitting it because of the many, naive and often hilarious myths associated to it. Let us recap some of them just for laugh or to ease your worries, if there is one of them left in your mind.

Self pleasuring will make you:

  • Get blind – FALSE
  • Get covered with pimples from head to toes – FALSE
  • Incredibly hairy – FALSE

Back then, when not knowing anything on male sexuality and the way your genitals function, you had all the reasons to believe – if grownups say so – yet you could not refrain. The problem does not reside in those innocent fears, but in the following concerns that no adult male, interested about his sexual performances and with access on information, should have:

  • You should not masturbate when being involved in a relationship – FALSE
  • Self pleasuring is only for those who cannot climax through vaginal penetration – FALSE
  • By doing it you will no longer orgasm during intercourse – FALSE
  • Masturbation is shameful or even a sin – FALSE

Regardless which from the previous you were guiding your life by it is the time to give up on this attitude. We are talking about sexually exploring your body, either individually or together with the woman you love.

Many men have the tendency to hide from their partners when doing so and many women rush into accusing their men of no longer feeling attracted by them. Both attitudes are condemnable and several experiences on this category, as a couple, might totally make you change your mind.

The more you know yourself and the way that sexual stimulus influence you, the more chances you have to reach new forms of arousal, dual climaxes, multiple orgasms and, what concerns most men, improved ejaculatory control.

As long as you set some boundaries and do not engage into actions that make you feel the practice as uncomfortable or painful, there is nothing to impair your orgasmic capacity. On the contrary, you should be able to notice how relaxed and less stressed you feel, how you enjoy better nighttime rest, how your mood is consistently improved and even how your overall immunity increases.

It does not take being immature or antisocial to fulfill a biological need, regardless what is your relationship status. And for anyone thinking of it as a sin, does it at least feel less of a sin when opposed to having sex with someone else than your spouse?

As a final observation, bear in mind that if for women it is not such a frequent need, men who do not have a regular sex life have no other way but to masturbate as the natural mechanism of their reproductive system implies eliminating the semen on specific time frames for the one that is continuously produced to have enough room and time to mature.

All these considered, go ahead and enjoy it. Feel free to use a male enhancement method that will give you more intense orgasms and just go with the flow. Everybody does it but only a few have the courage to admit it.

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