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How to Measure Your Penis

In a world where everything is super-sized, bigger is not necessarily better and all the controversies hovering around penis size make a point on this chapter. Women are more relaxed about this issue than the opposite sex, only that men are the ones exposed to years and years of locker room comparisons that constantly make them think what if mine is not big enough…

The results of 12 significant studies conducted so far, which included a number of 11.531 male attendees, were brought together by researchers leading to the conclusion that the average dimensions of an erect penis vary in between 5.5 and 6.2 inches in length (14-16 cm) respectively 4.7 and 5.1 inches in girth (12-13 cm).

While the erect size is significant to men preoccupied of becoming more endowed, the flaccid length is the one that researchers start from when following the results of a particular enhancement method. Both flaccid and erect length and girth are, therefore, important.

The dimensions of a flaccid penis can be influenced by several factors, temperature being among the most important ones. Additionally, the standing position during the experiment and the quality of the erection can also make results vary on different moments of time.

Below presented will be a practical guide on how to measure your penis size for best accuracy.

Step by Step Measurements

1. Measuring the Length

With temperature being very important in this equation, it is mandatory to perform the measurements in a comfortable environment that does not cause feelings of neither chill nor warm. The only difference in between measuring the flaccid and the erect length is that in the second situation you must achieve a full erection and in the first situation you only have to support the organ with your hand without stretching at all.

The right position is standing up straight and the measuring must be done from the side of the penis, not from above. The penis must be easily extended in front, parallel to the floor.

The ruler will then be placed next to it, with its head slightly pressing on the pubic bone. Make sure you do not exaggerate the results.

2. Measuring the Girth

Measuring the penis girth is even more confusing particularly because some men take as point of reference the base or the head. In fact, it is advisable to measure right from the middle of the shaft so that to avoid future mistakes when trying to make comparisons.

As twisting the ruler around the organ is not just difficult but also potentially harmful, you should first use a tape measure from a soft fabric and separately determine its length. Doing the procedure with the penis flaccid and full erect is very important, just like keeping it parallel to the floor throughout the entire process.

Interesting Facts About Penis Size

  • Without seeing and actually touching a penis, no one can make fair assumptions about its size, regardless how strong and tall or thin and stunted that man is.
  • Penis size can only be a medical concern if the organ measures less than 3 inches erect and 1.5 inches flaccid.
  • Studies revealed that gay men normally have penises longer with up to 1/3 inch longer.
  • No penis is perfectly straight shaped all of them being slightly bent either towards right or left.
  • Smoking is known to make the penis shrink with up to one centimeter because of the reduced blood flow that irrigates the organ.

Penis Size Myths That Might Confuse You

If what women and men generally think about how long or thick a penis should be can be relatively easy determined through numerous surveys, it is still hard to detect exactly who promotes some of the following penis size myths. Some of them are very popular, others may surprise you, but the main point is that all of them are silly and have little to no biological foundation at all.

Myth #1 – The Race

If you used to think that big penises come in particular colors, it is now the time to change your opinion. All the studies conducted so far revealed that all men, regardless their ethnicity, have an average penis length in between 5 and 7 inches when full erect. While it is true that in some parts of the world men are known to be a little more endowed than in other parts, it is still difficult to put such labels.

In average terms, the race of a man makes little difference on how many inches his penis would have. Black men are not necessarily stallions just like Asian men are not the most deprived on this chapter.

Myth #2 – Foot and Index Finger Size

Often considered a projection of the penis shape and dimensions, foot size has not been scientifically proved to be relevant. And while it appears that large foots only come with large shoes and no extras, when it comes to the hands, the index finger may be an indicator.

Scientists now believe that it is because of the prenatal testosterone levels that determine both the penis and the finger’s development. However, the study was only based on 144 men, which does not make its results a rule, but rather a possibility to consider.

Myth #3 – Height

The idea that tall men have longer penises than short men do has been around for a while, even though it also lacks a foundation. And if taking into consideration the average penis size, a tall man close to the average may appear like having a smaller penis than a short man in the same situation is perceived.