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How to Shave Your Balls

No longer considered an emasculating gesture, shaving down there is now justified as both a matter of sanitation and attractiveness. Motivations may not be necessary, but guidance is always appreciated, considering the sensitivity involving the male genitals.

In 2009 Gillette launched a commercial promoting the idea that men should shave their genitals, for the argument that exposing the penis in this way will also make it look bigger. If many men were reluctant at that time about this idea, the number of those who are currently more aware and concerned about the importance of maintaining a particular intimate hygiene considerably increased.

Regardless the procedure, pondering the involved pain, the costs and the length of the results is mandatory. And for the reason that shaving is by far the most common, comfortable, affordable and less painful option, we will now provide you a few indications on how to progress with it.


What do you need for shaving?

–          comb and scissors or a trimmer – to first trim the hair if it is too long

–         new razor, the pivoting type – to have more flexibility on the sensitive genital area

–          pre-shave oil

–          shaving gel or cream, with hydrating properties

–          a special shaving brush – if you want to better moisturize the skin

–          aftershave lotion – to soothe the pubic skin

–          cortisone based cream – to use if itchiness occurs


Step by step

While shaving the genitals is not very difficult, it can be uncomfortable if you do not pay attention to the tools you use and to a few steps that will prep the sensitive skin for the aggression at first and for the potential irritations in the end.

1.  Begin by choosing a good quality razor.

Electric razors conceived for cutting the beard may be too harsh while the cheap models will not work properly, forcing you to pass the blade several times in the same place, increasing the odds for irritations or minor local lesions. It is advisable to use a model with at least two blades and pivoting head.

2.  Opt for a trimmer instead of a pair of scissors

A trimmer is considerably safer and will help you even the hairs so that the razor will not clog. Use it on the dry hair before shaving. The remained hair should ideally have a length of up to one quarter of inch.

Very important, avoid an electric trimmer because accidentally catching the thin scrotum skin with it will be very painful.

3.  Soften the skin and the hair prior to shaving

A warm to hot bath, not shower, prior to using the razor, will soften the hairs, making them easier to remove and the skin, reducing the risk for unnecessary cuts.

4.  Foam up and follow the direction

Foam is mandatory for allowing the razor to slide on the surface of the skin and cut the hairs as close to the epidermis as possible. Because it is a sensitive body zone, soap should be replaced with special gel or cream for shaving. Refrain from scented products, as they can give you an allergic reaction because of the chemicals it contains.

As you start shaving, keep the scrotum skin stretched with one hand and gently glide the razor on the hair growth direction. It is known that going against the grain will cut the hairs even shorter, but the risk would be for irritations, ingrown hairs or itchiness, depending on the skin type and its sensitivity.

In time, you will find it comfortable to simply shave while lying back in the bed.

5.  Exfoliate and moisturize

You may not necessarily notice it, but the skin will have a harsh appearance after shave, which is why exfoliation will help with removing the debris, leaving the skin clean and reducing the odds for small cuts to get infected.  Rinse the area, gently dab it with a clean towel, without rubbing, and apply the moisturizer or the oil, which will also prevent rashes, ingrown hairs or irritations.


A few useful tips

Hair removal in general and genitals’ hygiene in particular consist of a series of small and simple steps, all of which can make the difference when individually taken. Consequently, we address you the following advice:

–          Do not use heavily menthol products because instead of providing the freshness feeling, they can give you a burning feeling; an antibacterial gel is even better because it is colorless, giving you increased visibility with shaving

–          Go for short and light strokes instead of long repeated strokes and rinse the razor as often as possible

–          A tight scrotum is considerably easier to shave and rubbing an ice cube on it can have this effect

–          Baby powder can help with minimizing the friction so apply it after shaving, when the skin is more sensitive and sweats even more

–          If itches starts upsetting you, a cortisone cream should help


Know your other options

With the wide range of cosmetic products and devices available on the market, it is difficult to decide for the most appropriate method to remove pubic hair. Options vary from the traditional do-it-yourself to more elaborate cosmetic and even medical procedures, depending on the intended effects. The following methods should all be considered with their benefits and potential dangers:

  • Trimming

Trimming means to smooth and make the pubic hair tidier by gradually cutting it close to the skin, with either a pair of scissors or an electric trimmer. The first alternative is not widely recommended as one can easily hurt himself with the scissors and the result may not be too appealing because of the potential scraggly and uneven look. An electric trimmer on the other hand is easy to use, safe and provides an even cut.

  • Depilation

Considered a mid market option, depilation implies hair removal with the aid of a special cream that easily dissolves the hair. The problem would be that it only acts on the surface of the skin, the hair continuing to grow from the follicle in a short time.

Widely appreciated for being pain free above all, it is also cheap and easy to use. The problem is that the chemicals it contains may cause allergies or leave unpleasant odors.

  • Waxing

As it implies to literally tear out each hair by applying a layer of melted wax, let it harden and then snatch it all of a sudden, the process is very painful. However, the skin remaining smooth for weeks is considered to worth the pain and the efforts. It can be performed both at home and at the saloon.

  • Electrolysis

The only permanent solution listed so far, electrolysis requires spending a few hours in a specialized facility center and undergoing a painful procedure, which will, however, help you eliminate the pubic hair once and for all. Important to specify, costs are not insignificant.

  • Laser

Laser interventions represent a more tempting alternative of electrolysis, considering that it is also permanent, but the treatment is shorter and less painful. The challenge would be the necessity for undergoing several treatment sessions and, in some patients, some hair grew back.

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