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Effective Measures To Increase Male Sexual Stamina

The standard definition of “stamina” is “physical endurance”. Applied to numerous activities, the term has a special meaning when correlated to a couple’s intimate life, as it determines the quality of intercourse and consequently the one of their relationship.

From this perspective, male sexual stamina may refer to either:

  • the physical strength that the man possesses in order to perform the act of copulation, which involves particular efforts depending on how long it lasts and the positions that are put in practice


  • the time frame in which a man can maintain an erection without ejaculating and therefore ending intercourse before the partner climaxed

As both aspects are very important, sexual endurance is something that all men are interested to consolidate. Below presented will be some of the most effective measures to achieve this goal.

Workout the body

Prolonged intercourse can be experienced whenever you are in a good physical shape. According to numerous studies, only three sessions of approximately 60 minutes performed per week can considerably increase stamina, improve the quality of orgasms and ejaculation control in men that climax sooner than they want.

Eat the right foods

Semen contains amino acids, enzymes, fructose, citrate, flavins, vitamin C, proteins, zinc and a few other nutrients, all of which are necessary for performing the most important body functions. Consequently, consuming the foods that provide the entire above will help the reproductive system produce healthy semen without impairing other biological needs or affecting the male body strength.

Bananas, blueberries, figs, raw oysters, peanuts, garlic and chocolate are among the most recommended enhancement foods. As a rule, raw vegetables and fruits are also helpful for their vitamins.

Try self pleasuring

This method is efficient in men that experience premature ejaculation because masturbation will help you better know your body and easier recognize the urge to climax. As a consequence, you should be able to identify, during intercourse, the moment that leads to cumming and postpone it by reducing the stimulation.

Reduce the stress

Stress is known to cause multiple health problems and it was also associated to a low libido. The more you rest and manage to maintain a balanced working and living environment, the more responsive you should be to the partner’s intimate approaches.

As stress levels and the appropriate nighttime rest are interconnected, you must work on both of them and even consider therapy when concerned about important events in your life.

Take natural supplements

Prescription free pills based on herbal formulations may contain important substances that will increase the metabolism for a better overall health. Considering that many of them have a direct effect in improving sexual performances, you will feel even more enthusiast about making efforts to improve your intimate life and prolong intercourse.

Have a medical consult

While it is advisable to make this decision at the beginning of the process, you can also see a doctor when nothing from the above suggestions has worked. Your intimate problems may be generated by an underlying medical condition and only a professional will be able to diagnose it and recommend the necessary medication.

Do not hurry the process

It is important for you to know that it takes time to make yourself last longer in bed. Overacting with eating particular foods, doing exercises or taking male enhancers can cause more harm than good.

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