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Why Simultaneous Orgasms Are Not The Norm

The function of climax has been intensively researched over the years. Information is now more than enough for any couple to understand the differences and similarities of female and male orgasm and still, the problem occurs when you become anxious to reach the sexual peak simultaneously.

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Inhibited Sexual Desire In Men

Sexual desire is determined by numerous biological and psychological factors; consequently it can oscillate through time. And while women are known to be more often affected by a low libido, the approximately 15% of all men who experience the same condition are considerably more distressed about it.

As statistics indicate, 46% of women and only 23% of men who lost appetite for intercourse still consider themselves pleased with their life. This can only stress the gravity of the problem and the necessity for interfering as soon as possible and solving it, in order to avoid losing appetite for many other activities of your life.

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Reduce Belly Fat For Sexual Gains And Not Only

Medical studies reveal terrifying news: approximately 30.000 people die, each ear, prematurely, because of being overweight. Despite the fact that extra kilos have already been associated with diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, prostate cancer, sleep apnea, infertility and psychological disorders, they are also suspected for causing sudden death.

While the last option is not something to occur on a regular base, fearing for anything else from above is perfectly natural. And as you should have already observed, all these conditions have a direct effect on your sexual health, on your sex drive and on your virility and fertility.

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Improve Your Intimate Performances With Organic Foods

You must already know that healthy foods improve male sexuality but what does healthy mean to you, fruits and vegetables, cereals, dairy and light meat? Are you aware that the fruits and vegetables currently on the market contain approximately 30 different pesticides, the endocrine disrupting type? Read on if you want to learn more about enhancing your intimate life with organic foods.

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Do You Need To Balance Your Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone is the most important male hormone, interfering with the development of the so-called secondary sex-characteristics, but also with the muscle growth and, very important to your sexual health, with the libido.

While in the absence of specific medical conditions and an inappropriate lifestyle its levels only begin to decrease starting with the age of 30, as a natural ageing process, more and more men suffer on this chapter long before the threshold is reached.

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Identify And Treat Male Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is one of the most common conditions affecting both women and men. However, men are less likely to identify it in the incipient stage and therefore encounter more difficulties in treating it, considering that they:

  • Ask for professional help rarer than their partners and often postpone a medical consult that will clarify the problem
  • Believe in a general misunderstood that this is a condition specific to females, consequently do not suspect it until it is already late
  • Experience obvious symptoms only in an advanced stage, when other health problems related to the urinary system manifest

All these indicate a new challenge: the ease of transfer, which makes the condition to be passed from one partner to another without knowing it.

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When Pain Is Stronger Than Sexual Pleasure

One of the most interesting aspects revealed by sex therapists and researchers is that an orgasm has nothing to do with the reproductive function of the human body as fecundation occurs in its absence as well as in its presence. Some theories sustain that sexual peak is, above all, a strategy developed and genetically transmitted with the purpose of making people appreciate even more copulation, increase the frequency of sexual interactions and consequently the chances for reproduction.

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Enjoying Multiple Sex Sessions

One of the most significant differences between men and women in terms of sexual behavior is the capacity of achieving multiple orgasms. While it is not impossible for a man to climax more than once during intercourse, in most of the situations, ejaculation and sexual peak concur, leading to a so-called refractory period.

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Difficulty With Climaxing – What Can You Do

Despite the fact that ejaculation and climaxing do not always concur, facilitating the contraction of the penis for making it penetrate deeper and increase the odds to fertilize the ovule is the main biological function of male orgasm. And with nearly a quarter from all men complaining about ejaculating too fast, few pay attention to those who experience the opposite condition: delayed climaxing.

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Emotional Stress And Male Sexual Health

The effects that stress has one one’s moods, weight, sleeping and living habits are already well known. However, few are aware of the impact that this attribute of modern living has on expressing sexuality in general and on the male sexual health in particular. Prior to understanding the way you should cope with the stress from your life, you should first understand its nature, mechanisms and consequences.

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