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Enjoying Multiple Sex Sessions

One of the most significant differences between men and women in terms of sexual behavior is the capacity of achieving multiple orgasms. While it is not impossible for a man to climax more than once during intercourse, in most of the situations, ejaculation and sexual peak concur, leading to a so-called refractory period.

Defined as the amount of time in between an orgasm and the next boner, this time frame is what prevents many couples enjoying intercourse in multiple sessions, with the male experiencing a feeling of exhaust and the incapacity of becoming aroused again for at least a few minutes, sometimes even hours.

Statistics indicate that this biological need tends to extend through years, so that men close to the age of 70 need around 20 hours prior to achieving a new erection while those who just started they sex life can recover in less than 15 minutes. However, every man is different and there are no specific rules in this direction, but only methods that can be applied in order to speed the process.

The resolution phase explained

Called resolution phase in the specialized literature, the refractory period was labeled for the first time by two famous researchers – Virginia Johnson and William Masters – who described it in their Human Sexual Response book from 1996. According to them, this stage is the last one from a group of four main responses that people have to sexual impulses, following the climax.

To summarize, the stage is induced right after ejaculation, when the firm male organ softens as the blood flow leaves the erectile tissue and the effects of oxytocin and prolactin, two hormones released into the blood stream at that time, inhibit sexual arousal. As the refractory time onsets with cumming, the most effective way to reduce or eliminate it would be to train yourself so that to orgasm without ejaculation.

How to diminish the recovery time

As a rule, the more control you have on your genitals during intercourse, the more you will increase your bedroom performances. Stopping the ejaculation can be done with a thorough knowledge of your body’s reactions and by controlling the pelvic muscles when feeling the urge. In this way, the semen will not pass, but climax can still be experienced, even more than once.

The lack of energy that follows ejaculation considered, it is advisable to work on improving your metabolism and energy levels. Consuming healthy foods, constantly working your body muscles and having enough rest are small changes that can, however, help your body overcome much easier the refractory period.

And because we have already mentioned the prolactin issue, it might help you knowing that you can interfere for reducing its level in the blood with specific nutrients. Vitamin B complex and B6 in particular, together with zinc, which is also one of the most important resources in sperm production, are most recommended for this purpose, as they also strengthen your metabolism.

Red meat, sea fruits and fish species like tuna, brown rice, spinach and carrots can cover some of your body’s needs of zinc and B6 vitamin. However, a discussion with your healthcare practitioner and even some blood tests may indicate your exact lacks of nutrients. Consequently, a nutritionist could help you establish a healthier eating diet to target not only your stamina and potency, but your overall sexual performances.

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