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When Pain Is Stronger Than Sexual Pleasure

One of the most interesting aspects revealed by sex therapists and researchers is that an orgasm has nothing to do with the reproductive function of the human body as fecundation occurs in its absence as well as in its presence. Some theories sustain that sexual peak is, above all, a strategy developed and genetically transmitted with the purpose of making people appreciate even more copulation, increase the frequency of sexual interactions and consequently the chances for reproduction.

Whatever the reasons behind climaxing, the main idea is that engaging to sex should be a pleasurable experience.  Whenever pain interferes, there is a sign that something is wrong. Unfortunately, there are certain things that can make both men and women find intercourse unbearable because of too much pain and discomfort.

Medical conditions

As expected, soreness is generally caused by underlying medical conditions, some of which are relatively harmless and others potentially very dangerous. Part of the symptoms is visible, the rest are hard to detect by someone without medical knowledge, but pain alone is an indicator that the equilibrium characterizing the functioning of the male genitals and reproductive system has been impaired.

  • Irritations, inflammations, infections

Anything from the daily skin care cosmetics to bacteria or viruses can trigger the three above, the effects consisting of different local reactions. Just to provide an example, prostatitis, which is a common male genital infection, is known to give pain during intercourse.

Contrary to expectations, both a poor intimate hygiene and an exaggerated one can lead to dermatitis. Unfortunately for you, the term is generic enough to be used for almost any type of sensitivity and allergy. Consequently, only a doctor could give the appropriate diagnose for your condition.

  • Peyronie’s disease or penile fractures

Both of them imply local lesions, with the mention that the second one is considerably more dangerous. This disease develops through time as the direct result of regardless what physical damage that develops into a constant laceration of the penile tissues. It can be identified by the escalating pain and the penile curvature that is more and more enhanced during erections.

The fractures on the other hand cause excruciating pain, for this reason being impossible not to identify them. The problem is that not instantly interfering and asking for professional help can lead to long term or even permanent damages, impotence or infertility included.

Psychological conditions

Despite the fact that women experience sexual pain more often than men because of psychological implications, the possibility must not be ignored. Fear of unwanted pregnancies, guilt of being unfaithful, daily stress or performance anxiety can lead to negative sexual encounters that make the libido drop down as the genitals cannot relax enough to make the act pleasurable and lead to soreness instead.

How to handle painful intercourse

As already suggested, causes vary from soap sensitivity to herpes, but the first thing you need to do is to make sure you know the exact cause. A medical consult is the easiest, fastest and most effective approach. Instead of letting the fear to take control over you, one appointment with your doctor will indicate the healing strategy.

An urologist or sex therapist can analyze not only your current health state, but also the previous medications you have taken and the medical history, both of which can provide important clues.

If you think you can associate some of the body care products you have recently started to use with the biological reactions, you should stop using them and analyze potential improvements. Important to know, you can also develop an allergy or become too sensitive to an ingredient from a product you have been using for a long time. Consequently, it may help using solely a mild antibacterial soap and warm water for you daily skin care routines.

Should excessive dryness make sex so uncomfortable to you, a lubricant will make the situation easier to handle.

Finally yet importantly, instead of keeping everything for you, talking with the partner is advisable. Your rejection, while caused by personal physical discomfort, may be interpreted as a rejection of the woman. And if psychological factors are disturbing you, a supportive sex partner can make things even simpler.

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