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Penis Pills FAQs

Given the fierce competition of male enhancement manufacturers, many of them are tempted to trick you into buying their products on the grounds that those little pills alone can give you the extra inches you are hoping for. We strongly advise you to reject any infomercial claiming that you can have a bigger penis just by taking supplements.

While we are not trying to diminish the role that herbal, all-natural tablets play in improving your sexual performances, we want to stress the importance of enhancing their effects by combining them with another non-invasive strategy – penile exercises. Our recommendation for workout routines is

Below presented will be the answers at some of the most common questions that men have when researching for enlargement pills so you can successfully start the program.

Q- How do male supplements work?

A –Whenever a man is sexually aroused, his brain starts to release a specific hormone that has the ability to increase the blood flow towards the penis. All the extra blood pumping into the genitals will make the two corpora cavernosa of the male organ to fill, which is generally perceived as an erection while the penis considerably increases its volume.

This is precisely the role of male supplements: to increase the amounts of blood and expand the size of the penis. All the other nutrients from the recipe will positively affect the release of particular hormones, resulting into an increased desire and sexual libido or even diminishing the so-called recovery time in between two consecutive erections.

Q- Are there any extra benefits?

A – While it is true that most men resort to sexual supplements considering, above all, the chance of having a bigger and thicker organ, there are, indeed, extra benefits to come from it.

These pills are made by combining a number of herbal extracts presented as a fine powder and incorporated in small capsules. Depending on what ingredients and concentrations are used, the final product will have an effect on particular aspects of male sexual functions.

Therefore, besides increasing the blood flow towards the genitals and giving you a firmer and longer-lasting erection, they can also increase your stamina. By lasting longer in bed and postponing the ejaculation you will both increase your sensitivity on arousing stimulus and intensify your orgasms. Through time, you will notice you have a higher sex drive, more energy and an increased sperm volume.

Q- What are these pills made from?

A –While there are tens or hundreds of ingredients that can be used for the formulation of a single capsule, some of them are popular around the world and have been used for centuries. Bioperine, Copper Chelate, Creatine, Cuscuta Seeds, Gingko Biloba, Extracts of Green Tea, Epimedium, Hawthorn Berries, L-Arginine, Maca Roots, Omega-3, Saw Palmetto, Siberian Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, Korean Red Ginseng, Muira Puama or Catuaba are the names most likely to encounter on the labels of male enhancement supplements.

As a rule, pills with little substances in their composition should be avoided, but so should be the ones with too many ingredients. In an attempt of using too many renowned plants, manufacturers can make compromises in terms of concentrations, leading to the inefficiency of the final formulation.

Q- Are results guaranteed?

A –Enlargement pills are so numerous not just because every man wants them, but also because specific products can have great results on particular individuals and only average results on others. After all, it is a matter of how the ingredients cope with the metabolism of the patient.

Therefore, it is fair to state that results may not be precisely the ones initially suggested, but as long as you have chosen a good quality product, you will notice improvements within a specific time frame.

For guaranteed and long lasting improvements, review our initial advice of doubling the efforts by exercising your love muscle.

Q- Any dangers I expose myself to when following the treatment?

A –One of the greatest benefits of choosing this method is that pills are all natural, therefore the risks for one to experience negative side effects that will do even more harm to his sex life are impressively low.

However, just like with anything else that is taken in excess, an overdose is likely to cause you some problems. We strongly advise you to consult with a doctor prior to starting the enhancement program and stick to the initial instructions, with no attempts of speeding up the process.

Additionally, carefully read the usage instructions because some ingredients may not be recommended to men suffering from diabetes, damages of the genital nerve or heart conditions. If there is any potential peril, it will be written in the prospect.

Q- How much do I have to invest?

A –There are little rules on this chapter, with the price of pills varying from one producer to another, depending not just on the ingredients that were used, but also on the research costs and the investments made in promoting the treatment. All these are reflected into the price, which is why the dosage for one month can vary from 30 to even 80 dollars. However, considering that these supplements are designed to be used for at least 30 days, suppliers are making all sorts of offers that involve discounts when buying more than one bottle.

Feel free to consult the market and never ignore the ingredients’ list when comparing prices. If you find a product to best serve your needs, purchasing it from the same place may bring you extra financial benefits.

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