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Pills Vs. Exercises – What method is the Best Choice for Increasing Penis Size?

Trying to determine which is the better way to enhance penis size, pills or exercise, is what has been bothering men for years. Throughout the centuries, they have always yearned for being more sexually endowed.

While it is a given that not everyone masters lots of inches in length and girth, most men that nowadays have average or even small-sized packages do not necessarily feel sorry for it because of the hereditary causes. As a result, they just look for exercises, devices or herbal medicines that can remedy the problem.

A short overview on the most popular male enhancement methods that are currently commercialized would reveal to anyone, newbie or more experienced, that:

  • Synthetic pills are only prescribed by doctors, have numerous contraindications and a lot of negative potential side effects
  • Creams and gels can only help with increasing sensitivity and the local blood flow, but have no effect on real and long lasting enhancement
  • Enlargement devices will take you lots of discipline, spare time and intimacy to use them
  • Penis pumps or weights can only damage your penis even more and cause erectile dysfunctions
  • Surgery is very expensive and painful, with risks that cannot be ignored

In consequence, all-natural pills and exercises seem to be the safest, most affordable and less demanding from all the options. Which one should you choose?

Male enhancement exercises

The penis exercises have been popular for centuries among men who have small sexual organs. Their efficiency is sustained through a biological explanation: regularly subjected to the right tension, the tissues forming the two corpora cavernosa of the penis will experience cellular renewal and growth, expanding their volume. Together with a larger volume there will be more room for the blood flow that generates the erection of the organ.

Jelqing and Ballooning are two of the most common natural workout routines.

Also known as “milking”, the jelq technique is said to originate from Arabia, where it was often practiced by men who were about to get married, in order to please their future wives.

It is believed to increase the length and girth while all you have to do is to massage your penis for at least 45 minutes per session. But despite the fact that it is a natural method, it can still damage your penis when you put too much pressure or practice it for longer than the recommended time frame. The organ must not be fully erected, only at 70-80% and the routine must be performed while using a lubricant. One of the common yet mild risks is related to temporary erectile disorders, which will require you to stay away from sex for a while. When the penis is exercised too much, it usually changes color and this is a clear sign that you should consult your doctor.

Ballooning on the other hand involves holding back from ejaculation by putting pressure with the palm on the sensitive tip of the penis, called glans. It was proven that it both improves sexual stamina and penis length in time, by simply working the tissue and postponing the climax.

If you enjoy self-pleasuring, it is advisable to try ballooning at that time and not during intercourse. Otherwise, you will need a supportive partner to wait you retracting the penis and holding the ejaculation several times, which is not very pleasant.

Natural male enhancement pills

Enhancement pills have also been invented to remedy the sensitive problems of men. Scientists, doctors and even nutritional experts have worked together to create the most efficient supplements. Instead of the usual chemical ingredients, they have used the method of eastern medicine to create an all-natural pill.

Its ingredients are usually made from plant extracts, which is guaranteed to have no side effects on the body. Their formulation is known boost libido, improve the circulation of blood and increase energy levels. All these make a man feel desire, have stronger erections with a bigger penis and have more stamina.

The only concern when choosing a supplement would be to make sure that it is made from natural ingredients. The chemically-composed pills, laboratory made, usually contain components that may harm the body and cause numerous negative side effects.

L-arginine, Catuaba, Epimedium, Tribulus Terrestris, Korean Red Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba are some of the most praised ingredients, all of them used for thousands of years. You should look for these names when considering buying a particular product.

Combining exercises with pills

Each from the two above can have a strong positive impact on male sexual activity. However, they come with individual benefits: exercises improve the condition of the organ and the supplements make the necessary hormonal changes.

Therefore, if a man takes the penis pills and also practices some jelquing exercises, the results will be achieved much easier. The secret is just to keep the balance. Avoid overdoing the exercises because it may damage the penis and take the pills as prescribed by the instructions, without increasing the dosage on your own.

When you try to determine on what male enhancement capsules to rely on, stay away from those that promise you miraculous results within days. Even the most reliable formulations need at least a week of administration prior to bringing their contribution in a way that can be easily observed.

And if you have not consulted your doctor before starting the treatment – even though we strongly advise you to do so – you should stop it the very moment when you experience symptoms you suspect connected to the pills and go for a checkup. It happens very rare, but even herbal ingredients can have unwanted effects on some people who have some underlying medical conditions.

As a rule, whenever you do everything by the book, with patience and balance, you will gain extra inches in a process with long term results.

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