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Privacy Policy

This information regarding privacy is provided by, the sole owner of the entire information collected through this website.

The delicacy of the issues in here debated considered team is committed to protect the privacy of all the users. Our purpose is to provide visitors with safe and private consultancy, therefore accessing the content of this website does not require registration.

Everyone can anonymously review the products in here presented without having to provide or submit regardless what type of personal information. team makes no exclusion from all the above presented, except when that personal information is knowingly provided by users.

In the last particular circumstance, we at we will most certainly not sell, trade, rent or alienate any of the identifying information with personal character that our users might provide.

For total accuracy, website may suggest links to other websites and Internet services related to the products put under scrutiny. It is important for all visitors to know that team makes no undertakings with regards to the privacy policies in the name of all the other services or websites. Whenever leaving this website for a new internet resource recommended in here, the privacy policy is no longer granted.

The only type of information that can be collected on this website is exclusively designed for statistical purposes and determining what information presents the highest interest to our users. It should be automatically registered by a cookie placed on the user’s computer. This cookie, which represents a simple text file commonly used by numerous Internet websites, contains no personal identifying information. is solely interested in improving its own content, identify potential problems that users encounter inside the website and have a better view on the way that visitors interact with everything that is offering. If for regardless what reasons you are against it, you can decide to refuse accepting this cookie at any time by simply modifying the options of the internet browser that you use.

The website is provided on the basis laid out in our Terms & Conditions.

For any other questions with regards to this internet privacy policy, feel free to use the feedback form available on our website in order to contact support team.