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Why Simultaneous Orgasms Are Not The Norm

The function of climax has been intensively researched over the years. Information is now more than enough for any couple to understand the differences and similarities of female and male orgasm and still, the problem occurs when you become anxious to reach the sexual peak simultaneously.

Regardless it is the idea of full sexual compatibility deriving of it or the romantic myths promoted by romantic novels or erotic movies at fault, this desire is not a norm, at least not in most relationships.

Understanding the challenges

Younger persons who have not invested much time in exploring their sexuality often find it difficult to orgasm or to control their climax by postponing it upon needs. If the act is challenging on an individual level, making two people synchronize is even harder.

The differences between sexes were metaphorically explained through the observation that a woman heats like an iron and a man bursts like a match. This can only stress even more why dual climax is so difficult, as it involves two partners with different rhythms of arousal and requires for the tandem to happen during intercourse. As practice reveals, there is a major difference between ejaculation and climax and the last one does not necessarily occur with penetration, or not as easy as with self pleasuring.

Medical facts indicate that only one third of women reach the sexual peak through intercourse and not without making efforts. If your partner is so lucky the challenge will consist in helping her get to that no return point while refraining yourself from getting there.

And with premature ejaculation in particular and other erectile dysfunctions in general that are known to affect a large percentage of men, a simultaneous orgasm is less likely to occur.

The conclusion would be that having this experience requires for both partners to be fully aware of their sexual responsiveness, to have control on it and to practice climaxing together as often as possible. Young couples will have to work even harder and if the feeling of intimacy and love lacks, your woman might not be able to synchronize with you.

Overcoming the challenges

The entire above is designed to give an image of why dual orgasms are not something to expect with every intercourse or to disappoint you whenever failing to achieve them. If you are determined to succeed however and you have a partner to rely on, there are things that can be done.

The idea is to gradually prepare the experience. The two of you must already know your own bodies and what provides you the most insatiable pleasure so you should now begin masturbating together. If you can orgasm through self pleasuring while being together, it is a good indicator you can do it when having sex as well. The goal should be for you to manage postponing the climax and for her to learn achieving it much easier.

The next step would be to try it with intimate contacts and dedicating the necessary time for the foreplay is mandatory. In fact, the two of you should manage getting close to orgasm solely with the foreplay, so you can be sure you will achieve it soon after penetration.

The position you try will also have a great impact because you need something to allow deep thrust, flexibility in movements and the possibility to constantly stimulate her clitoris. When the entire above are tried and the atmosphere is relaxing and loving enough, she will climax and you should be able to climax at the same time.

If you do not have the ejaculatory control you were looking for, you can always try to work the PC muscle. The more control you have on those muscles, the easier it will be for you to postpone ejaculation during intercourse and even experiencing multiple orgasms prior to ejaculating, not having to wait for the refractory period to pass.

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