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Sleep And Sexual Health – Observations To Sleep On

A top three of the things that take most of our time throughout the entire life looks as it follows:

  1. Sleeping – approximately a third of lifetime
  2. Traveling – defines all the activities that involve movement, going to the fridge or anywhere else included
  3. Having sex – or thinking about it is something to be a constant part of our daily life

Considering that sleeping is the only time of a day when the body can focus all its resources on repairing and detoxification and that it profoundly affects the physical, mental and emotional well-being, it becomes obvious how number 1 and 3 are so closely related. As a rule, the better you rest, the healthier and satisfying your intimate performances should become.

Researchers have discovered that beginning with the first stage of the five that characterize night sleep, brain activity drops with approximately 40%, gradually rising again throughout the other stages. The one known as REM or Rapid Eye Movements is characterized by neuro-reflexes, this being the moment when wet dreams seem to appear, probably because those reflexes anticipate a sexual act when experienced awaken; nocturnal pollution can occur and so do erections. Deep sleep and REM sleep alternate through the night and the more time you give your body to undergo these stages, the more chances you have to experience morning glory.

Hormonal activities also increase when asleep, the highest amounts of fertility and sex hormones being secreted. Moreover, the human growth hormone, also known as HGH, which is a protein hormone responsible with maintenance or repairing and growth of bones and muscles, is also consistently produced during the night.

As for the circulatory system, benefits are numerous as well. The heart alone has its rate dropped at 10 to 30 beats on a minute, reducing the blood pressure and contributing to the relaxation of arteries.

Numbers indicate a percentage of 61 from the adults whose lives are considerably affected by sleepiness. Not having enough rest causes a variety of sex related issues, from the fatigue and irritation that make couples fight and find less time for intimacy to more profound problems such as snoring and sleep apnea.

We consider snoring a profound problem as it was proven that men who snore loudly are generally twice more unhappy with their bedroom performances than all the other men. Sleep apnea on the other hand, which was more often diagnosed in heavy snorers, seems to cause erectile dysfunctions and difficulties with achieving an orgasm to approximately 70% of sufferers. The main cause is considered the oxygen deficiency resulting from the short breathing pauses. An inconsistent oxygenation affects the production of nitric oxide, an essential chemical in the process of an erection.

The conclusion would be that sleep disorders are quite common and that not taking them into serious can lead to complications in numerous aspects of your life, sexuality included. Trying strategies for a better sleep, forcing yourself to have a regular sleep pattern or even having a medical consult is mandatory.

Try creating yourself a sleep ritual and make sure that you dedicate one room exclusively for sleep, to include no TV, computer and not even your favorite books. Educate your body to get into a deep state of relaxation whenever lying in that bed.

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