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Are You Having Bad Sex? Here Is How To Fix It

It is said say that as long as you have sex, it does not really matter how great or less great it is, especially if you care about each other and have a good thing going on. And still, an unsatisfying sex life will start putting pressure and make you less willing to engage into intercourse, which affects both of you.

If you have a woman and find yourself to enjoy masturbation more than making love, you have a problem. While that problem may very well be your life partner, before trying to fix it you must first make sure that you actually have bad sex. Ask yourself:

  • For how long have you been in this situation?
  • How did it all start?
  • What do you want?

Making a fair statement is not difficult at all. The only definition to consider is whether you have been dissatisfied about your intimate life on long term. It may be just a phase, but phases should not overcome weeks.

If you have started to be disappointed by your sexual encounters months ago and nothing changed, things are not going to change unless you act on it. And as already suggested, it also matters what triggered the tensions and rejection in the first place.

Your sexual insecurities can be solved with the right male enhancement technique. Whatever you want to achieve related to becoming more endowed is possible, with a solid plan and determination. Her sexual insecurities can be solved with a vibrator or other sexual toys that will spice up your sex life and make her feel you are attracted to her.

Couple therapy is always an alternative when your regular talks are no longer functioning or no longer exist. The challenge resides in the way you bring the suggestion – it always works smoother if you convince her that it’s you the one who needs that therapy and would appreciate her support.

Before you jump into any conclusion, give yourself the time to think of what are your expectations. Most often a man only has bad sex after experiencing good sex and loosing it. You may have lost it with ending a relationship and starting a new one but as time will prove it to you, good sex with the same partner for a long time can very well turn into something less good.

There is the time that you have and the mood you get into, there are other things that put pressure on the two of you and make you be in constant hurry. There are hormonal imbalances to make you reluctant to pretty much everything. And there are also the headaches, the periods or the dinners with too much food and drinks that leave the two of you incapable of anything.

The conclusion would be that intercourse is more often unsatisfying rather than mind blowing. Couples who have an active and fulfilled sex life are perfectly compatible in sexual terms, very determined to succeed and try exciting things or less picky.

As long as you make no efforts into setting some special premises for a special night, pay little importance to the lifestyle factors that directly affect male libido, sexual responsiveness and performances and, also important, you are not paying attention to the signals she is sending to you, you will keep having so-so sex, bad sex or not having sex at all. The change is up to you.

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