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Surprise – Things She Never Expects You To Do To Her

It has already been scientifically proved that men are more sexually active and driven than women. As it is in your own nature to feel aroused by whatever pleases the senses, you always want more.

You want to become more sexually endowed, you want her to want you more, you want more excitement in your life. And you can begin the change with radical lifestyle adjustments, by taking care of your body and staying fit. You can earn extra inches in girth and length, have six pack abs and have more success with women than you have ever dreamed of. And still, it takes enhancing both your masculinity and your attitude towards the opposite sex for enjoying all the benefits.

If you want to have more sex, you do not necessarily have to do all the house chores. You do not even have to ask and say please. You must know how to get it.

Begin by surprising her with a long juicy kiss like the ones you used to practice long before you had her. As long as you take her by surprise, you have almost won. The key however is not to hurry for dry hump.

Try instead to make whatever it takes for staying turned on and keeping her in the same state of arousal without giving up on clothes. Striptease may be overrated. It takes one to do all the hard work and the other one to sit back and watch. And you may not even be great at it. When you convince her to join you into this activity however, two minds determined to reach the sexual peak will definitely come with more ideas. The fabrics your clothes are made of can give you various feelings depending on how you rub them. Experience the thrills of kisses on top of fabrics or the anticipation of the sexual act while forcing to keep your pants on.

Remember that it only have to come as a surprise for her. You on the other hand should have planned this in advance and make it look spontaneous. So be prepared to innovate with something you know she will enjoy. Buy a special lube, try a different type of condom, why not a female one. And if you are used to give without receiving, make sure that instead of you going down on her you will make the famous 69 irresistible. All your efforts will not remain unpaid.

Your sex life depends on how well you know your woman. With some it only works the hard way, with others a simple gesture to break the monotony is more than enough. In the end, even if both of you have similar libidos and expectations in terms of sexuality wanting to be together is not enough. Satisfying to great intercourse takes practicing and experiencing new things while becoming more confident with each other.

If you would like to postpone ejaculation and become capable of multiple climaxes or if you fantasize about climaxing together you must know your body perfectly and work on synchronizing with each other. The entire script from above is not only about breaking the patterns to convince her crave for you, but also about changing your intimate patterns. The more you explore outside the physical act of penetration, the more thrills you should be able to feel.

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