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Where Can Too Much Pornography Lead You

Before the rise of internet, the X rated world mostly existed inside the pages of magazines. For a man to access it, he should have gone to a local store, risking to be seen by friends, relatives or, even worse, his partner. The World Wide Web however granted everyone access to erotic content. Exploring adult materials completely anonymous and free of charge made more and more people take advantage of it.

The result was that 30% of the entire internet traffic currently registered targets adult porn and only the most popular website in this field has visitors to watch, every month, 4.4 billion pages. While self pleasuring is normal and natural, overacting with it in particular and with erotic movies in general can, however, generate numerous sex related problems to a man. Are you curious to see where too many triple Xs can lead you?

A new syndrome that sex researchers have beginning to discuss about is called SADD, meaning sexual attention deficit disorder. The main symptom of this condition appears to be a distraction that men experience from real intercourse with a woman because of the high level of excitation maintained by internet porn. In the absence of the visual stimulus they were used to, men can no longer maintain a strong erection while making love. Some even deal with delayed ejaculation and cannot climax unless oral or manual stimulation is performed.

Another interesting observation is that while they can still get aroused physiologically, therefore have an erection, people who watch too much erotic content can no longer connect with their partner during intercourse and easily get bored when becoming intimate.

The general conclusion is that X rated movies make you get used with a level of stimulation that you cannot normally achieve with real intercourse, therefore you will find yourself craving for the virtual form and unable to perform in natural conditions.

You can know whether you have a problem with it or not judging by the followings:

  • You change your priorities, preferring to stay at home and secretly enjoy porn instead of socializing or doing any other normal daily chords
  • You start hiding from your partner, lying about what you do and feeling very ashamed whenever you are caught self pleasuring (according to statistics, 70% of the porn addicts hide their condition)
  • You can no longer become sexually responsive in the absence of an erotic movie
  • You become more and more unhappy with yourself and with your intimate life because of experiencing sexual dysfunctions during intercourse

While not all sexual problems are caused by self pleasuring when watching porn stars, it is important to analyze the place that this activity occupies in your life, how fast you got to that point and whether you estimate an escalation of your interest in that direction in the near future. However, if your partner comes to the point of considering your interest in excessively self pleasuring similar with cheating, you can at least suspect you have a problem. Remember that pornography addiction is not a minor problem so try the followings:

  • Give up for a while on masturbation. As difficult as it may be, allowing sexual energy and tension to build up should provide you an enhanced first intimate experience with your partner.
  • When you feel you can no longer resist or if you are single and there is no partner to save yourself for, try to use the other hand for self pleasuring. If you are a right handed and use the left hand, the feelings should be less intense and closer to regular stimulation of vaginal penetration
  • Identify whether you watch erotic movies because of a sexual dysfunction or if your sexual dysfunction has triggered after watching too much porn
  • Go to a medical exam and determine if your current problems with regular intercourse are biological or psychological
  • Resort to counseling
  • Consider joining a group of controlling pornography addiction
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