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Training the PC Muscle

Enhancing sexual performances has been mistakenly associated over the time with the simple act of taking a miraculous pill that should solve all the problems that a man has. In fact, becoming more endowed is a matter of time, determination and efforts, exercising included. Contrary to expectations, the workout routines do not refer to practicing intercourse as often as possible in order to increase performances, but to undergo actual regimens designed to strengthen the muscles that uphold the genitals.

Read on for some of the most important related aspects, with detailed benefits.

What are the PC muscle exercises?

These routines are also known as Kegel exercises, as they take the name of the famous Dr. Arnold H. Kegel, who made public his Kegel theories beginning with 1948. Only a few now know that he had, in fact, two major contributions:

  • Suggesting for the first time the Kegel exercises as a non surgical cure of genital relaxation by asking his female patients to practice squeezing the muscles forming their pelvic floor
  • Inventing the so-called Kegel Perineometer, a device that measures the pressure of the vaginal air and determined the strength of the voluntary contractions of PC muscles in women

Men who happen to know that he was a gynecologist and that he first used this treatment on women are more reluctant to the idea of trying it in order to improve their bedroom performances. Nevertheless, the technique is efficient on both sexes for the simple reason that men and women have the pubococcygeus muscle as part of their reproductive system. In fact, as you are about to discover, PC workouts are even more efficient in men than in women. A few details on this topic should make things clearer.

Anatomical facets

The PC muscle develops beginning with the pubic bone and ending with the coccyx, also known as tail bone. It forms the pelvic cavity’s floor, supporting all the organs inside it. However, it also plays a major role in controlling the urine flow and contracting during a climax. As you may already know, the more contracts the penis undergoes, the more intense the orgasm will be.

Very important to state, Dr. Kegel specified that the purpose of these exercises is to strengthen not only the PC, but all the other muscular masses that form the perineum floor, which also includes the ischiocavernosus, the bulbocavernosus and the cremaster muscle.

The bulbocavernosus muscle, also referred to as bulbospongiosus, is the one to cover the penis bulb, contributing to the formation of the erection, ejaculation and climax.

Working both the bulbocavernosus and the cremaster muscles is known to generate the “cremasteric reflex” in some men, manifested by a lift of the testicles.

You can easily identify the muscles you need to work on with a few simple methods:

–          Stopping the urine mid-flow with a contraction

–          Place one finger behind the testicles and try a fast muscle contraction

–          Introducing a gloved finger 1 inch inside the rectum and try the same muscle contraction

Whatever you feel tensing with the above suggested methods are the muscles you will have to focus on.

How can you benefit from exercising the PC muscle?

Doctors recommend such routines to men in order to ease erectile dysfunctions caused by venous leakages, but also to treat urinary incontinence and to diminish premature ejaculation problems. Here is a more detailed list of benefits:

–          Strengths the penis, consequently increasing the quality of the erections and making them last longer

–          Increases the blood flow towards the genitals, like any other muscle training routine

–          Helps with increasing the erection angle in men that have their organ oriented slightly downwards

–          Boosts the intensity of ejaculations and therefore of orgasms

–          Expands the ejaculation shooting distance, which can help couples trying to conceive

–          Gives you better ejaculation control, increasing stamina and the possibility for a man to experience multiple orgasms

Aspects to consider

Practicing PC muscle exercises may seem difficult at the beginning, but it is important to stick with the routine. After all, it is solely about workouts, they need consistency and determination, with the obvious benefit that the simple contractions can be practiced anyplace, anywhere, anytime, without anyone observing you.

While the basic principle of body building is still applicable – the more you work, the more obvious and faster will be the results -, it is vital for you to take it gradually. If you exaggerate from the beginning, the over training was known to make some men ejaculate too fast. You will need to work your way.

As you start gathering information about what specific routines to implement at first, you will discover that there are slow, quick and progressive Kegels. Additionally, you can do some of them with a special device called trainer and try lots of combinations of pull ups, in the sitting position or standing position. At some point you will want to try adding some weight, to use a lubricant and take the regimen one step further.

It may sound complicated, but taken methodically it should be logical and easy. We are currently working on a detailed guide for training your PC muscle and we will provide you with the most accurate information.

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