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What Snoring Has To Say About Your Sex (Im)Potence

Snoring is an affection characterizing about 40% of the adult population and, as statistics claim, it tends to become more and more of a problem while aging. Considering that recent studies have established a link between snoring and erectile dysfunctions and it is well known that a man’s sexual performance also perishes with age, these two lead to less optimistic news for those who were hoping to enjoy their sex life for years and years.

You might be skeptical at first, since this connection is not so obvious, particularly if you have little knowledge on how the male body works, but this is not just fiction and the theory is sustained even by some relevant surveys.

Just to provide an example, Dr Madani’s survey, including approximately 5.000 people suffering from snoring, revealed that a considerable number of the subjects, particularly the heavy snorers, experienced an obvious decrease of libido while more than a half of the patients actually suffered from a form of erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, a British Association focused on Snoring and Sleep Apnea problems conducted a survey that also stressed how approximately 50% of the people who were asked questions considered snoring to negatively influence their sex life, this problem being the reason why a third of them were on the verge of not having sex at all.

Consequently, on one hand, snoring prevents people from having enough rest, which also makes them more irascible and less willing to engage in sexual intercourse, and, on the other hand, there is a certain medical problem that affects men and their ability of having an erection, or at least a good quality one.

The problem would be that in most of the situations heavy snoring leads to sleep apnea, affection that basically prevents the airways to properly function and sometimes makes a man stop breathing for a few seconds. Such intermittences make lungs receive less air, blood less oxygen and the body’s organs less oxygen, impairing the blood vessels as well as affecting the hormonal levels. In addition to this, apnea also makes the blood pressure to become elevated, putting pressure on both the vascular system and the heart.

With an inefficient circulatory system and an increased risk of having a stroke, achieving an erection will be harder than normally. Moreover, morning erections seem to occur rarer as they form during the so-called rapid eye movement sleep phase, at the same stage when apnea episodes tend to manifest.

Fatigue, lack of libido due to hormonal imbalances, fewer morning erections together with a partner seriously disturbed by the noise you are making when you sleep are all ingredients that will not help you improve your sex life in any way, but on the contrary.

Age and weight are two important factors in this equation – the older and heavier you are, the more likely would be to experience both sleep apnea and impotence – yet there are also psychological factors that can interfere.

The main idea would be that you need to seek medical advice to solve this problem, do your best to communicate with your partner so that to obtain comprehension and to be able to empathize with her and make sure you are taking all the measures you can to rest and ease your snoring problems. Taking a male enhancement pill may also help you, yet make sure it contains no ingredients that will affect your circulatory problems even more.

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