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When There Is Little To Feel During Intercourse

This is not about a low libido and becoming unresponsive to regular sexual stimulus, but about losing penile sensitivity. Your reproductive organs and the health of your genitals are closely linked with the state of both the circulatory and the nervous system. Easy to assume, the nerves are the ones to allow you experience the thrill of arousal, deep thrust, climax and then ejaculation.

If you find yourself in the situation of feeling little to nothing even when your penis is erect, you masturbate or engage into intercourse, you may deal with a lack of penile sensitivity. Here is what you need to know and what should you do.

You are not alone

Despite how scary it feels, the condition is not uncommon. For this reason, doctors already know on what causes to look into and what treatments to recommend you. As long as you overcome your fears and shame and ask for help, there are ways to solve this problem. Up to the moment of the physical exam however, you can think for yourself on some of the triggers, just to ease your worries. So ask yourself the followings:

  • Are you old enough to be dealing with sexual ageing? You must already know how your testosterone levels start dropping after you reach your 30s and if this is the case and your intimate performances have beginning to decline you might have found the cause. The solution could be found in some male enhancement supplements but even so, discuss them with a therapist.
  • Do you normally overact with drinking alcohol and smoking? Both of them are known to have this side effect. Depending on how serious your problem is and how high is the addiction, the simple action of reducing consumption can bring significant improvements.
  • Are your masturbation habits often harsh? Not using enough lube and resorting to advanced techniques that imply tight grips or rough friction can first make you feel numbness and sourness. In the end however, you can simply desensitize your organ. Loosening this routine is mandatory. Again, a medical consult could help you get a treatment for it, most likely a special cream.
  • Have you been recently diagnosed with a nerve or cardiovascular problem or received any other medication? Anti depressants cause such side effects. If this is the case, do not take action on your own. Only the healthcare practitioner who gave you the prescription can decide whether this is the case and what else can recommend you instead for both problems to be covered.
  • Are you too passionate about a particular type of workout? It does not necessarily have to be an intensive bike riding program, also the connection between penile problems and this sport are already popular, but anything else that involves constant pressure or friction between your genitals and the tight underwear or equipment.

Apart from the medical problems that prevent you from having firm erections and enjoying a decent sex life, everything else is relatively easy to fix. The best part is that many penile sensitivity creams contain ingredients that will bring benefits to all the other aspects of your intimate performances. You will end up not only with your manhood completely recovered, but also with more stamina, sex drive and energy.

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