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Women Discussing Penis Size

Sexual satisfaction is an important factor in all types of relationships, both casual and long term commitments. Therefore, women and men are constantly concerned about their looks and specific body parts known to inflict sexual performances. To women it is about their breasts and to men about their penises.

If this last aspect was barely brought into discussion in the past, with the sex revolution that made this biological function less of a taboo, men started to express their worries about having a small or below average penis length. What is even more important, women gave up the conciliatory “It is fine like that” and begun talking about their preferences on this chapter.

Statistics were made, and we will get back to analyze them in short time, yet hearing confessions from real women is more explicitly than a few numbers. Below presented are the testimonies of three different women who answered at some of the questions we consider most relevant on what they really think about a man’s penis size.

Information straight from the source

Emma Bong – 23 years old, student

Helen Best – 34 years old, solicitor

Jennie Larke – 27 years old, bank clerk

Q. Do you think British men have the smallest penises in Europe?

E– Yes, unfortunately I do. I think Italian men totally live up to their reputation as stallions. I was on holiday there last summer- oh my word!

J– My first reaction was yes, but actually the biggest penises I have ever come across were in Ibiza, but most of them were English – so no, I don’t think so.

Q. What do you consider average?

H– It’s weird because what I think is average may be small or large to someone else. I think it depends on who you have slept with and how many. But I’d say 6-7 inches was about right.

E– I totally agree. I think the average I’ve seen is about 7 inches, which is probably quite large. I think that too many people get hung up about being average. What is average? I mean does it exist? Furthermore, who wants to be average?

J– I would say that the average is 7 inches. But smallest is a lot smaller at about 4 inches, and the largest is a lot larger, at about 9 inches.

Q. Do you rate size?

J– I do completely. It is as simple as that – the bigger, the better. Men with small penises just aren’t as satisfying as larger men. For some reason I don’t find them as sexy or manly.

Q. Yeah, but how can you tell it as they have their clothes on?

H– Aaaahhhh, it’s all possible with a well-trained eye. After following certain circles for a while it’s easy to spot. There are certain give a ways. You often see particular tell-tale signs. Like a flash car – may be a bit clichéd, but it’s true they often are compensating for something.

Q. Have you ever had a great lover whom wasn’t particularly large?

H– No

E– An O.K. one I guess, but nothing special

J– An average one I suppose- but as we said, who wants to be average?

Q. So no one with a small penis has ever satisfied you?

J– It just isn’t as simple as that. Yes, someone with a small penis has satisfied me, but I personally want more, I need more. Sex is a whole experience, which needs to be complete – small genitalia come harder into the equation.

Q. Do you like penises? A lot of women are repulsed by them.

E– I am repulsed by small, wimpy little things. But a hard, large thick penis is the sexiest thing in the world, nothing gets me going more. They make me feel so horny and in the mood.

J– I don’t particularly like penises. I do think they are a bit ugly. But there is a big difference between a small penis and a large one.

H– I totally agree – there is something really powerful about a thick penis- it almost reminds me of an electric screwdriver.

Q. Some people say it’s what you do with it that counts?

H– Bullock! It’s up to a point but no, you can’t do it with a really small penis full stop. No satisfaction whatsoever, it doesn’t even touch the sides.

Q. What are your opinions on Natural Male Enhancement Pills?

J – I think they are fantastic. I totally support them and respect all the men that have had used supplements. I have never met one to actually admit in front of me about taking pills, but then I guess that’s no surprise. Still, I bet I have slept with a few who have – good on them. I think such men are more flexible in their love making and can last longer.

H– I think they are fab. All men should try them at least on a basic level, because not only it enlarges your penis, but it also improves you staying power. That means that we get a much more intense orgasm, which will probably last longer. I also think that men with more muscular penises have more control over themselves, which is all ways a bonus if nothing else.

E– This is the first I have heard of it- but yeah from what these two have said it sounds great.

Q. So, in conclusion, size does matter?

H– I think I can speak for all when I say: completely and utterly. I don’t mean to give anyone a complex – but I know that most men would like to think they were amazing in bed. You are lacking one major thing if you don’t have a large, thick penis. If you do have one naturally then you are blessed – if you don’t, then you should do something about it.

What Statistics Tell Us?

The majority of men complaining about their small penis size are, in fact averagely endowed and women have a better eye when it comes to make such appreciations. An internet study dating back since 2006, conducted by a few researchers led by Frederick Lever and including 52.031 attendants revealed that:

  • 55% of all men were pleased about their performances
  • 85% of all women said they didn’t want for their partners to be more endowed
  • Only 0.2% of the men expressed their desire for having a smaller penis

Another very important fact to mention, women made it clear that length is not the only one to matter, width being at least as important!

G-spots and Penis Sizes

For many men, G-spot is still a big mystery, but women do know what is going on down there. And depending on how endowed their partner is, certain issues can interfere during intercourse.

Two of these problems are unsatisfying penetration and too deep penetration, which are causes by either a very small penis or a big and thick one. The most effective way to adjust the problem is to use different sex positions according to your needs, preferably those that give the female a better control on penetration.

While it is hard to make recommendations for each potential difficulty, we can stress general preferences on this chapter. So the top of the sex positions most preferred by women includes:

  • Woman on top – it makes them feel totally in charge and you can drive them crazy by teasing their nipples
  • The missionary – women love it because it involves little efforts from them and brings deep pleasures; surprisingly, 28% of interviewed men named it as their first choice
  • The spoon – it combines the popular from behind penetration with the feeling of caress from gluing your body close to hers

Interesting Facts on Women’s Sexual Preferences Around the World

Despite expectations, women think about sex quite often. Not necessarily as often as men do, but they can compete with them on this chapter.

  • Australians

– Aussies consider that a woman is rather slutty only after sleeping with at least 50 different men

– 20% of them fantasize about a threesome

– The care a lot about looks – 22% of them would dump a man for becoming overweight

  • British

– Are the most randy when it comes to having sex at the office – 23% of them admitted having such a sexual experience

– They are comfortable with having up to 20 different sex partners

– They are less picky about sex appeal than Aussies – only 15% would dump a fat guy

  • Americans

– Women are harder to please than men as only 64% of the interviewed ones declared climaxing as opposed to 85% of the men

– 42% of them consider having an adventurous sex life

  • Ugandans

– Surprisingly, women in Uganda seem to have a big problem with too endowed men: they want a low to allow them divorce a man for having a big penis


Women nowadays put under scrutiny male endowment more than ever.

Their expectations are not terrifying as 71% of them believe that men overact worrying about their penis size.

Women claim that an average or below average penis size can satisfy them in bed, only that a bigger one is more exciting.

Evaluating your penis’ length and girth does not entirely determine male sexual performances because women need foreplay and both vaginal and clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm. A too big penis can lead to pain instead of pleasure.

If you are unsatisfied with your size, there are numerous options for gaining extra inches.