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How Is Your Libido Different To Hers

The differences between men and women have been long analyzed. As expected, those related to sexual behavior are the ones to generate most interest from both sides. And as researches evolve, it appears that men are more determined when it comes to their sex drive and more decided. They know when, with whom and how they want to have intercourse and have no doubts about it. The opposite sex on the other hand is not only less straightforward about it, but also much easier to influence depending on context, environment and the way that their entire stimulus are aroused.

If you get often confused on why your attempts to initiate intimacy do not raise enthusiasm, it may help you having a better view on how is your libido different to hers.

Suggestive facts

  • Men think, fantasize and seek sexual activity more often than women. They have focused thoughts in this direction at least one time a day in general while just one quarter of surveyed women made the same statement
  • Men masturbate a lot more than women, the rate being of two thirds of males and 40% of females respondents
  • Men know better what raises their libido as opposed to women, therefore are more specific in terms of what arouses them; women are more tolerant and have the capacity to accept same sex relationships; consequently, gay men become intimate with women a lot rarer than lesbian women with straight men
  • Men are less vulnerable to social and environmental factors that may affect their sexuality; religiousness, education, group attitudes influence women with regards to their intimate life, but not men

Potential explanations

  • Age and appetite: while men start experiencing sexual desire beginning with puberty and first incursions to self pleasuring and they advance in this direction up to the threshold of 50 years old, women do it later than with puberty and reach their sexual maturity when having approximately 35 years
  • Hormonal base: libido is controlled, in both sexes, by testosterone levels. It is not the fact that women have less of this hormone into their blood, but rather its frequent fluctuations characterizing the monthly period, pregnancies and later the menopause; the more testosterone amounts bounce, the more will vary their interest in intercourse
  • The source of arousal: men have the capacity to find sex drive from their inside and manifest very impulsive while women take their energy from the outside, becoming excited by what they feel and hear rather than by what they think

One of the most interesting theories trying to explain the entire above is that men have a genetic transmitted impulse to pass along that genetic inheritance or material while women are the ones who actually carry the pregnancy and will further take care of the baby. For this reason they are interested in spreading seed while their partners pay attention to specific qualities of the one that will give them a child.

Solving differences

All these apparent incompatibilities are even more challenging as a final observation is imposed: men have their highest interest in sex in the morning and women… in the evening. Whenever unaware of what makes a partner more or less responsive to one’s invitation to intimacy, numerous feelings that are dangerous for the relationship trigger.

For you to no longer feel unattractive, rejected or unloved, maintaining communication with your life partner is essential. And this does not solely have to refer to your sexual desires. A short discussion of how your work day was when you get back at home can indicate from the start whether she is opened for some fun, if she could use it or if she doesn’t even want to hear of sex. In the same way, your vocally or gestural expression of craving for intercourse should make her responsive.

Whenever you feel like not finding the time for each other, programming an hour or two and making all the efforts to get in time for that special meeting is mandatory.

And as a final observation, whenever a relationship has no other problems to affect the closeness and attractiveness between the partners, practice will solve all your bedroom problems.

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