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Surprise – Things She Never Expects You To Do To Her

It has already been scientifically proved that men are more sexually active and driven than women. As it is in your own nature to feel aroused by whatever pleases the senses, you always want more.

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Are You Having Bad Sex? Here Is How To Fix It

It is said say that as long as you have sex, it does not really matter how great or less great it is, especially if you care about each other and have a good thing going on. And still, an unsatisfying sex life will start putting pressure and make you less willing to engage into intercourse, which affects both of you.

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Why Oral Sex Is Not The Same With Safe Sex

The intimacy that sexual intercourse implies considered, one with little knowledge on STDs will understand that, in fact, there is no such thing as 100% safe sex. Wherever there is an exchange of body fluids – which can be achieved even on microscopic level of epidermal contact, such as with minor skin lesions – there is a chance for a disease to be contracted.

But before worrying to the point of giving up to intimacy, remember that there are always actions to perform in order to practice safer sex. The only concern left is not to embrace the misunderstanding that the controversial acts of fellatio and cunnilingus are safe only because they skip the actual penetration.

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Laughing On Hilarious Masturbation Myths

You must have been experiencing masturbation as a guilty pleasure beginning with puberty, when you became aware of your sexuality. You used to do it secretly, with magazines that were so hard to stash under the bed or by sneaking to your father’s not so well hidden collection of porn materials. And you were ashamed of admitting it because of the many, naive and often hilarious myths associated to it. Let us recap some of them just for laugh or to ease your worries, if there is one of them left in your mind.

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When There Is Little To Feel During Intercourse

This is not about a low libido and becoming unresponsive to regular sexual stimulus, but about losing penile sensitivity. Your reproductive organs and the health of your genitals are closely linked with the state of both the circulatory and the nervous system. Easy to assume, the nerves are the ones to allow you experience the thrill of arousal, deep thrust, climax and then ejaculation.

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Stop Being Ashamed Of Self Pleasuring – Benefits Of Masturbation

An overview of the studies focused on the act of masturbation and its implications in human behavior indicates that both sexes practice it regardless their age, with more or less similarities and that, up to this moment, there were not attributed any forms of either physical or mental disorders to those who enjoy it on various frequencies.

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How Is Your Libido Different To Hers

The differences between men and women have been long analyzed. As expected, those related to sexual behavior are the ones to generate most interest from both sides. And as researches evolve, it appears that men are more determined when it comes to their sex drive and more decided. They know when, with whom and how they want to have intercourse and have no doubts about it. The opposite sex on the other hand is not only less straightforward about it, but also much easier to influence depending on context, environment and the way that their entire stimulus are aroused.

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Alcohol And Male Performances – Drinking For A Better Sex Life

Alcohol is considered one of the oldest aphrodisiacs in the world. Whenever savored, it surprisingly makes men and women less shy, more relaxed and chatty, a bit romantics or more opened to sex talks and not only. Young men must have already discovered how one drink helps them overcome the unpleasant mild premature ejaculation they used to deal with because of all the excitement and nervousness that engaging into intercourse implies.

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Where Can Too Much Pornography Lead You

Before the rise of internet, the X rated world mostly existed inside the pages of magazines. For a man to access it, he should have gone to a local store, risking to be seen by friends, relatives or, even worse, his partner. The World Wide Web however granted everyone access to erotic content. Exploring adult materials completely anonymous and free of charge made more and more people take advantage of it.

The result was that 30% of the entire internet traffic currently registered targets adult porn and only the most popular website in this field has visitors to watch, every month, 4.4 billion pages. While self pleasuring is normal and natural, overacting with it in particular and with erotic movies in general can, however, generate numerous sex related problems to a man. Are you curious to see where too many triple Xs can lead you?

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Sleep And Sexual Health – Observations To Sleep On

A top three of the things that take most of our time throughout the entire life looks as it follows:

  1. Sleeping – approximately a third of lifetime
  2. Traveling – defines all the activities that involve movement, going to the fridge or anywhere else included
  3. Having sex – or thinking about it is something to be a constant part of our daily life

Considering that sleeping is the only time of a day when the body can focus all its resources on repairing and detoxification and that it profoundly affects the physical, mental and emotional well-being, it becomes obvious how number 1 and 3 are so closely related. As a rule, the better you rest, the healthier and satisfying your intimate performances should become.

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